A glance at the city of São Pedro


Traditionally known for its natural landscapes, its versatility is part of the tourist city of ‘Saint Peter’ (São Pedro in Portuguese). It is located in the countryside of São Paulo state, 180 km (approximately 112 miles) from São Paulo city, the capital of the state and the financial center of the country. São Pedro has more than 33,000 inhabitants and it stays at the base of ‘Itaqueri’ mountain range.


The city has a pleasant climate throughout the year. At the top of the mountain range, natural rainfalls surrounded by lots of “green” take the attention of tourists.


Besides paragliding and hanggliding activities, the city is known for one of its beautiful post cards: Aureliano Esteves’ Christ Park, where tourists can enjoy the landscape and, on clear days, see neighboring cities, such as Piracicaba and Rio Claro. Right beside this park, Marcelo Golinelli Park provides another landscape view for tourists standing from decks.


Among cultural and historical attractions of the city, the Gustavo Teixeira Museum (in honor to the poet and son of the city) can be highlighted. At ‘Dona Hermelinda’ Boulevard there is a handcraft and art street market, which offers the best of the local community. A rural producer street market occurs every Thursday and Saturday mornings at Santa Cruz neighborhood, and horticulture products, homemade sweets and cheese are sold, as well as beautiful Brazilian countryside typical songs are played there using a local instrument called ‘viola’ (a kind of guitar made with 12 strings).


To top it off, the local gastronomy is highlighted by the local countryside food style, made and served on a wood-burning stove. Those who like desserts must try the Jaracatiá sweet, a homemade delicacy made of Jaracatiá, a typical local fruit harvested only in February. 


Further information can be found at www.saopedro.com.br and www.saopedro.sp.gov.br






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